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Quality Control System

The products of UNICAST INDIA are known as quality products. UNICAST INDIA is BSI registered an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The raw materials & inputs are procured from quality producers with Test Certificates coupled with random testing by us in our in house laboratory which help us to continue to maintain the quality. The Raw Materials, the Finished Goods, the Equipments and Methods of plant are subjected to some effective form of Quality Control. In the larger and more progressive foundries like us a quality control department is maintained which is just as essential as the Engineering, sales, or production department. The Company always maintains a stepwise well-equipped production line to maintain the products quality.


Special Measures Taken for Sanitary Castings

  • Specifications - Unicast India product are complied with the requirement fo various specification mainly IS:1726, BS-497/79, BS-EN124, DIN, ASTM, Austrailian Specification or equivalent.
  • Drawings / Demensions - The drawings and dimensions as shown in this catalogue are based on our existing patterns. Details of overall sizes could vary slightly in view of our constant endeavor to upgrade our products . This catalogue is reflective of some of the common products currently in use. Besides we develop patterns based on customer's drawings/ design in the shortest possible time.
  • Weights - Enquire about the weight of each product which unergo a progressive review. A regular checking of weight of materials helps to maintain perfect weight of products.
  • Lettering/ Badging - Our covers have provision to carry lettering, badging in English and other languages e.g., Arabic as per customer's request. However for makings in script other than in English we require actual size in graphic.
  • Protective Coating - All casting are supplied coated with a black bituminous solutin unless specified otherwise. The Caoating is in accordance with BS 497:76 requirements or ASTM. Epoxy cotings can be provided on costings against specific orders at cost. Galvanising and zinc coating can be done on request with extra cost.
  • Surface Finish - All solid top cast iron covers are manufactured with a non-slip surface to provide adequate grip, the design of which may very according to pattern in use.
  • Installation - During Installation the frames are properly leveled to prevent rockiing and lateral movement of the frame. Fixing instructions are provided with some designs and these shouls always be followed. In case of water tight and more particularly pressure tight designs, it is remembered that unless care is taken in the choice and application of the bedding medium for the frame sections, water penetrations of the bedding may result thus defeating the purpose of application of the product.
  • Kerb profiles for Kerb Type Gully Covers. - These can be specified to suit standard kerb profiles (B.S. 340:63) of which there are three principal designs, namely square half- battered and splayed (45O). The two shown are normally available.
  • Test Certificates / External Inspection - We provide Test Certificates for all our products on request of buyer. However if external agency ceritficates are needed, these inspections can be organized and certificates can be provided at additional cost.

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